Opera Mini still a hit

More than 58 million people worldwide now use the Opera Mini web browser for mobile phones. According to Opera’ s latest State of the Web report, Apple’ s iPhone boosted user numbers, and 2.6 million iPhone users now browse the Web using Opera Mini. In April 2010, Opera Mini users generated over 398 million MB of data for operators worldwide.

In an earlier report focusing on Africa, Opera said Kenya, Ghana and Ivory Coast were among the countries with the most Opera mini users. Ghana and Ivory Coast led the top 10 African countries in growth of unique users. Kenya led the top 10 African countries in page-views, with each user browsing 525 pages on average each month. The top 10 countries using Opera Mini in Africa were (in order): South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia.

Facebook was the most popular site visited by Opera Mini users in six out of 10 countries in Africa, with Google and Wikipedia also very popular.

Opera found that the most popular handsets used by Opera Mini users in Africa were Nokia and Sony Ericsson, with Samsung is a significant exception, as the most popular phone brand used by Opera Mini users in South Africa, Zambia and Namibia.

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