OCP School Lab launches next phase in Nigeria

OCP School Lab will reach 10,000 farmers during its next phase, beginning May 31 in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi.

After having supported more than 50,000 farmers in six countries on the continent, the OCP Africa Caravan is now headed for one of the country’s largest agricultural regions. The Caravan, whose purpose is to bring agricultural technological innovations directly to farmers, will provide farmers in the region with recommendations on fertilizer use, training on agricultural best practices, and educational materials. In addition, 3,000 farmers will have access to soil analysis services through the mobile laboratory. An equal number of farmers will receive fertilization recommendations from the Nutrient Expert mobile application. While the training will cover all crops in the region, this edition of the Caravan will focus mainly on maize.

In Nigeria, the OCP School Lab program is implemented in partnership with Bauchi State authorities and other major agricultural development institutions, such as the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Program (BSADP), responsible for mobilizing farmers, organizing training, and logistics, and the IPNI (International Plant Nutrition Institute), responsible for providing agronomic advice through the mobile phone application, Nutrient Expert.

OCP School Lab is now a powerful brand name that is central to OCP Africa's development strategy, which aims to increase small farmer strategic crop yields through the provision of a full range of agricultural services. « Our vision, within OCP Africa, is to transform the African agriculture by bringing latest soil testing innovations and effective agronomical training to serve African farmers’ needs,” said Caleb Usoh, country manager.

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