Nigeria's telecoms data has seen a 4.59% growth in their Q2 to Q3 voice subscriptions, with actual  subscriber numbers going from 196 242 456 to 205 252  058.

This is according to the executive summary of the report entitled, “Telecoms Data: Active Voice and Internet  per State, Porting and Tariff Information,” that the National Bureau Statistics released earlier this week.

The 100-page report gives an analysis covering the number of active subscribers by state. It also provides data by mobile operators networks, with categories covering active voice subscription,  active Internet subscription by network, analysis of  active voice subscriptions by network, porting activities by network and tariff rates as at 2019.

Operator gains

The executive summary of the report  notes that MTN gained the highest share of active voice subscriptions, closely followed by GLO, Airtel.

MTN went from 78 754 855 in Q2 to 82 635 083 in Q3 in active voice subscriptions, while GLO went from 52 573  907 to 54 254 550 in the same category.

Airtel came in from 52 462 347 to 55 250 798, surpassing GLO in this category and  9mobile went from 12 111 674 to 12 729 222. All this means QoQ growth of 4.93% for MTN, 3.20 for GLO, 5.32% for Airtel and 5.10% for 9mobile.

The report notes that the Nigerian Communication provided data which the National Bureau Statistics verified and validated. It does provide the tariff information of all operators, though there is nowhere where it credits tariff differences, network quality or service to the different operator gain.

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