Nigeria’s NCAA warns on demolition of 7000 GSM masts

Over 7,000 telecommunication masts and towers belonging to Globacom Limited and other Global System for Mobile Communications [GSM] providers erected all over Nigeria may soon be pulled down by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

NCAA said in a statement that it was compelled to recourse to this line of action as the telecommunication providers had ‘blatantly failed to obtain the statutory Aviation Height Clearance (AHC]’.

Without Aviation Height Clearance, all these masts and towers constitute danger to safety of air navigation.

Under the Civil Aviation Act, 2006, Section 30(3)(1), the NCAA is empowered to prohibit and regulate the installation of any structure which by virtue of its height or position is considered to endanger the safety of air navigation.

Furthermore, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs) Part stipulates that No person or organisation shall put up a structure (permanent or temporary) within the navigable airspace of Nigeria unless such a person or organisation is a holder of Aviation Height Clearance Certificate granted under this Regulation.

NCAA said several letters and entreaties had been sent to Globacom Limited and other GSM providers, but had not been responded to. It said 'A thirty-day ultimatum has therefore been given to Globacom Limited and these other defaulters in Nigeria to regularise their operations with NCAA forthwith'.

However, if there is similarly no response, NCAA said it would immediately embark on mass decommissioning and demolition of all their masts and towers in Nigeria.

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