Passage Telecom, a Nigerian ISP, announced a new partnership with Voxox that will see them white labeling Voxox Cloud Phone and offering the service in Nigeria under the brand, Business Call Solutions, complete with Nigerian telephone numbers.

This is the first implementation of the Voxox Cloud Phone on the African continent. Passage Telecom currently serves Nigerian customers with premium internet services. Voxox, is an innovator in cloud communication solutions and operator for business communications systems for small businesses in the United States under Cloud Phone and VoxDirect brands.

"Our goal is to enable small businesses in Nigeria to access enterprise-level products at an affordable price, Passage being one of those offerings in our suite of digital services.

It is an incredibly useful solution for today's micro SMEs and entrepreneurs on-the-go, thanks to its host of work-oriented functions that easily turn any smartphone into a call center," said Seyi Akinseloyin, Passage Telecom's CEO.

Voxox is hosting Passage Telecom's service from its U.S. and European data centers and supports Passage local billing in Nigeria through a merchant payment gateway integration.

"Nigeria has 41.5 million SMEs and we are excited to partner with Passage Telecom to offer these businesses a simple, convenient and economical way to modernize their business phone communications," said Bryan Hertz, CEO, and co-founder of Voxox. "Cloud Phone and it's integral TextMeIn Text Message Marketing platform enable the micro businesses to work from anywhere, which is a critical capability during the Covid-19 pandemic and the following new normal.”

Similar to Voxox Cloud Phone, Passage Telecom's Business call Solutions will enable small businesses to easily obtain business phone numbers that support unlimited extensions and advanced call routing capabilities and virtual receptionists.

Users can receive calls on the mobile app or any phone in the world, make calls with the mobile app or directly using mobile phone service, manage call activity, settings through their portal, access features such as voicemail transcription, call recording, device transfer, and much more. No special equipment or advanced skills are necessary to use the service.

Voxox' patent-pending breakthrough VoIP codec, allows crystal clear voice quality in poor bandwidth conditions. This is of extreme importance particularly in suburban and rural areas where internet connectivity and quality are less developed.

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