Nigerian carrier frets over naira devaluation, general elections

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

National carrier Globacom says it is worried over the devaluation of the naira and the uncertainties hanging in the air about next month’s general elections in the country.

It lamented that while the naira devaluation would affect carriers’ bottom line as subscribers’ disposable per capita income spent on telephony will be greatly affected, the political atmosphere too is worrisome, adding that it is optimistic that things would end well.

Globacom’s Director, Sales, Ken Hall, argued that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN’s) policy of devaluing the naira will hurt all players in the economy but however pledged support for all the government policies.

Said he: “(Naira devaluation)  is a worrisome trend because it does affect everyone’s bottom line. It is not just Globacom. The whole of the economy in Nigeria is going to be impacted one way or the other but you have got to be optimistic and I think it is going to be a temporary thing.”

“There is a lot of uncertainty around. Let’s just hope that elections go well and I am sure they will go well and people will be more confident to continue doing business in the country.”

He said since inception 12 years ago, the telco has always made it a point of duty to bond with its customers by rewarding them for keeping faith with the brand.

“We have always been very motivated to be at home with our subscribers after all, Globacom was made by our subscribers. Were it not for our subscribers, we won’t be where we are today so this promo is just one in so many promos we have done to reward them.

“And as I said earlier, in 2015, you will see even more of life enriching promos all in an attempt to get closer to our subscribers, because after all, they are the key to the success of our success.

“The point I want to stress here is that when Globacom makes a commitment, we stick by that commitment well and truly. And as you see this morning, the happiness that has been created is fantastic. What a start for the new year for all of these very lucky subscribers and we will continue to do more of that this year.

“Without the customers, without subscribers, we will not be around. It is very clear that without those customers, Globacom would be nowhere. And so it is a token of our appreciation. We want to keep our customers loyal and so we feel that there are many ways of doing that by making the network good and offering them good service.

“All these we are striving to achieve and we believe we have achieved. But in addition to that, why not give more in the form of promotions, nice prizes, spread it out to as many subscribers as we can; that is the name of the game and that will continue in 2015.”

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