The Federal Government of Nigeria had published a SIM replacement policy that provides a roadmap to ensure all subscriber registrations are linked with National Identification Numbers (NINs).

This policy is part of the Federal Government’s efforts to reduce the burden on subscribers and simplify the exercise. It is aimed at enabling telecommunications service users who need to replace their SIM less onerously.

According to the SIM Replacement Policy, subscribers whose SIMs have been lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged can replace them subject to the following conditions:

That the subscriber present a NIN;
That an effective verification of the NIN is carried out by NIMC; and
That the relevant Guidelines and Regulations of NCC concerning SIM Replacement are fully adhered to.

Ministerial taskforce

The government says all stakeholders in the industry are working together to ensure the process is carried out as seamlessly as possible.

The Ministerial Task Force under the Chairmanship of the Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy set up a Technical Committee made up of representatives of:

1.   Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC);
2.   National Identity Management Commission (NIMC);
3.   The Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON); and
4.   Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

The Technical Committee is charged with the operationalization of the process to ensure an expedited linkage of all SIM Registration Records with NIN.

Based on recommendations of the Technical Committee, the Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has approved the policy.

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