NewTelco SA gets rolling

Jasco company NewTelco SA has signed with its first foreign partner as it gears up to roll out across Africa.

West African ISP Alink Telecom has become the first foreign telecommunications provider to make use of NewTelco SA’s carrier neutral co-location hub.

NewTelco SA launched operations in 2010 and offers an independent telecoms hub for local, regional and international carriers.

The company aims to become the pre-eminent leading telecoms interconnection hub in the sub-Saharan region, leveraging opportunities made available by telecoms deregulation in South Africa and the new investments in undersea cables such as SEACOM, EASSY and WACCS.

NewTelco is providing the platform to allow Alink to gain n­etwork access to South African operators, enabling the physical cross-connections for calls that originate on or terminate on South African telephone numbers without the need for Alink to sign separate agreements with all local service providers. Alink has also launched low-cost calling cards to West Africans living in South Africa.

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