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The new Strategic Alliance anticipates the formation of an Innovation Hub in the GCC region, access to Tynton’s IP and the support to the Tynton network of government, private sector and academic partners.

Aimed at the creation and delivery of next generation products and services Tynton is committed to an enduring partnership with value creation for the region at the centre of its activities.

Over the past twenty years Tynton’s founder and CEO, Jeffrey Thomas, has been responsible for the creation and growth of World leading digital infrastructure solutions including Ark Data Centres, UKCloud and MyLife Digital.

The Tynton ecosystem is leading the digital transformation of UK government and public sector delivering solutions that enable over five hundred organisations provide innovative new services whilst achieving maximum value-for-money for both government and citizens.

Jeffrey Thomas, CEO Tynton Group, commented, “The next 12 to 24 months represents a period of strong growth and we are looking to leverage this both in the UK and across new markets.

We intend to expand into the Middle East, Africa and Asia from our new base in the GCC region. Our friends and colleagues at Gawah Holdings have demonstrated their expertise and excellent connections and we are proud to be associated with one of the region’s leading teams.”

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