EIG cable goes live

The new Europe India Gateway (EIG) cable system between Europe and India has gone live, with expected benefits for Africa.

The 16 members of the EIG consortium have taken delivery of more than 11 300km of the total 15 000km system, which will run from Mumbai in India to London in the UK with a capacity of 3.84 Terabits per second. The cable was commissioned in 2008, and built at a cost of USD700 million.

The cable will link to EASSy, and is expected to boost Africa’ s connectivity, adding diversity and redundancy to the network. Among the consortium members are Bharti Airel, Telkom and MTN in South Africa and Verizon.

The accepted cable system routes are: London to Bude, U.K.; Bude to Portugal to Gibraltar to Monaco to Libya; Monaco to Marseille, France; and Saudi Arabia to Djibouti to Oman to United Arab Emirates to India. The group also accepted 11 of 13 cable landing stations. The only remaining segment to be completed for the EIG is in Egypt where there are two landing sites. When fully activated with the Egypt link, the EIG will be the first direct high-bandwidth optical fibre system from the UK to India.

With the addition of the EIG, Verizon is preparing to extend its global mesh architecture to this cable. Meshing is a network design that connects undersea cable systems on land, allowing for instantaneous rerouting of traffic in the event of multiple undersea cable breaks. The company operates a global mesh network that circles the globe, and EIG will provide additional redundant mesh paths needed during service impacting events.

When you combine all the customer benefits of EIG - additional capacity, cable route diversity, network redundancy, direct connectivity to our European and India networks, global mesh around the world, and seamless connectivity to major submarine cables in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia and North America - this truly demonstrates why Verizon has one of the most robust and diverse communications network foundations in the world, said Ihab Tarazi, Verizon vice president of global network planning.

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