There are gender disparities in the e-hailing taxi industry across Africa as men have been dominating the sector since its inception a couple of years ago.

This is not because women do not have the capacity to withstand the pressure in the e-hailing taxi industry but because they were not being given an opportunity. But some e-hailing taxi companies are beginning to change that by putting in policies and measures that seek to empower women.

In July this year, Uber, a ride hailing company that relies on smartphone technology for dispatch and fee payment signed a deal with Nigeria’s Moove Africa, a subsidiary of Grace Lake Partners that would see the two employing 50 percent female drivers in sub-Saharan Africa.

In Uganda, Diva Taxi Uganda, a new e-hailing taxi company, just like Uber, has gone a step further by having all-female drivers in their fleet.

Male drivers dominate with about 80 percent in e-hailing taxi companies in Uganda, according to Diva Taxi Uganda. It is against this background that Diva Taxi is empowering women through their new venture, targeting particularly those women who have been affected by the global pandemic, Coronavirus in the east African nation.

The Diva Taxi Uganda Application is available on Google Play Store for Android and on Apple's iOS as well. It offers services that include car rental services, bridal and events cars, airport taxi services, school transportation, company group and organization services.

Their drivers also have an Application available for Android and iOS which helps them with maps, next trip details and fees they should charge per trip.

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