MTN Nigeria takes customer experience to new levels

MTN Nigeria has taken a bold approach to customer service, showing that their customers are at the core of their organisation. Using Nokia’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, it will drive its transformation from network- to customer-centric operations to improve the overall experience for its 52 million customers.

The inherent automation and intelligence that is built into Nokia’s CEM solutions help service providers operate more efficiently and enable them to seize new business opportunities while ensuring subscribers receive the maximum benefit from their services.

“MTN Nigeria is the first service provider in the region to deploy our Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight, formerly known as CEM on Demand, with our Service Quality Manager (SQM) software,” says Henrique Vale, MEA leader for Applications and Analytics Global Centre at Nokia. “Using powerful machine learning algorithms, Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software gives the operator a complete view of customer satisfaction and revenue as well as device and network performance.” When this is combined with Nokia SQM, it paints a holistic picture of service behaviour and performance. “This, in turn, enables MTN Nigeria to quickly identify service issues, such as poor voice call and data session quality, and they can prioritise improvements based on customer and business impact.”

With rife competition in the Nigerian telco market, MTN Nigeria needs to ensure that its customer knows that the company has their best interests at heart. “We, as humans, tend to buy services from entities that provide us with a good quality service and has our best interest at heart. We want our service providers to know who we are and what challenges we are experiencing,” says Vale. “By implementing this CEM solution, MTN Nigeria will be able to identify challenges upfront and engage with individual customers to acknowledge the issue, determine a solution and provide personalised service to solve the issue.”

There are two major benefits to this proactive approach. “The telco industry is known for churn, therefore by providing proactive solutions to customer challenges, MTN Nigeria can reduce this. Customer churn or customers moving between different service providers costs the provider money. Firstly, they lose the revenue and secondly, they need to spend money on promotions and marketing to try and win that customer back. However, if you know what the needs of your customer are, you can address those needs proactively, reduce churn and wouldn’t have to invest in trying to reacquire that customer. A happy customer is more inclined to spend more money on your network, resulting in increased revenues.”

The global expertise of Nokia Analytics Office Services will further enable MTN Nigeria to maximise the benefits of Nokia software. “Additionally, they will be able to accelerate their transformation process and adopt new advanced capabilities, such as data science and automation,” Vale says. “We are currently in the adoption phase of the project and our immediate priority is to ensure that MTN Nigeria sees a return on their investment. Then we can further guide them on their digitalisation process by helping them automate processes that will allow them to automatically detect VIP customer issues so that these can be resolved proactively. This way they can improve on the customer experience and manage customer expectations better.

“Through the Nokia CEM solution, we will improve our customers’ experience, providing faster and smoother connectivity on voice and data services, as we create a more personalised experience for them based on their usage and service requirements,” says Uche Osuji, General Manager of Network Performance at MTN Nigeria. “The solution will also enable us to proactively identify and resolve service impairments, respond to complaints from our teeming customers much faster and create a premium service experience for them.”

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