MTN Foundation-MINESEC Digital Schools Programme connects Loum

MTN Foundation has opened a multimedia centre at the government high school at Loum in the Littoral region, as part of its Digital Schools programme, which was launched on 8 May 2015 in Tiko in the South-West region. The official handing over ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Secondary Education representative accompanied by MTN Foundation Board Member, Professor Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle.

The Digital Schools programme which is the resultant of a dynamic and innovative partnership between MTN Foundation and the Ministry of Secondary Education, aims at reducing the digital divide in schools, through opening and equipping multimedia centres in government high schools in Cameroon.

The Loum multimedia centre will benefit an educational community of 2560 people including students and teachers. In total, 10 multimedia centres, fully equipped by MTN Foundation and connected to the internet, have been opened this year in Government High Schools selected by the Ministry of Secondary Education together with the MTN Foundation. The schools are:

  • Government High School of NGAOUNDAL (Adamawa)
  • Government High School of ZAMENGOUE (Center)
  • Government High School of BELABO (East)
  • Government High School of MORA (Far North)
  • Government High School of LOUM (Littoral)
  • Government High School of FIGUIL (North)
  • Government High School of MBENGWI (North-West)
  • Government High School of BANGANGTE (West)
  • Government Bilingual High School of EBOLOWA (South)
  • Government Bilingual High School of TIKO (South-West)

In 2016, 15 more beneficiaries will be determined by both the Ministry of Secondary Education and MTN Foundation in order to intensify the Digital Schools programme and multiply the number of students and teachers that will have access to New Information and Communication Technologies.

Each multimedia center opened by MTN Foundation has:

  • 20 brand new computers
  • a computer server
  • a multifunction printer
  • video projection equipment
  • furniture (tables, chairs, cupboard)
  • broadband internet connection

Each multimedia centre will also be at the forefront of innovation and will use a Cyber Cloud solution that enables remote assistance powered by MTN.

According to Jean-Melvin Akam Executive Secretary of MTN Foundation, “the internet is, through the richness of its pedagogic content, a tool that gives equal chances to access knowledge from high school to university. In supporting its expansion in our schools, MTN Foundation opens a new world, full of opportunities, to the Cameroonian youth”.

The Digital Schools programme is one of the initiatives which emerged from the partnership between MTN Foundation and the Ministry of Secondary Education with the aim of bettering academic performances in the Cameroonian educational system signed in 2013. This partnership also includes the Scientific Labs me, which targets the improvement of the quality in the teaching of science through the development and equipment of scientific laboratories in schools throughout the country. Furthermore, there is also a competition to select the best teacher in using and integrating ICTs in Secondary Education that reaffirms the value of teachers and promotes excellence in education in Cameroon.



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