MTN Cameroon wraps up 21 days of Y’ello care

The curtains were drawn on the eighth edition of 21 Days of Y’ello Care last Saturday, with the conviction of all MTN Cameroon staff that their contribution to promote education for all will really change lives. 

The fund-raising organised during the 21 days to support the main project, which was the construction of classrooms to enrol the Central African children refugees in Gado, East Region won the consent of almost every MTNer who felt the appeal by the situation of these children victimised by war. In fact, Cameroon shares a border with the Central African Republic, a country which is going through serious political crisis. Due to this situation, almost 140,000 people, mainly Muslims have taken refuge in Cameroon. Specialized UN agencies have already disbursed funds to face the emergency. They need additional significant means to effectively support these refugees. The education of the refugee children remains one of the major concerns.

By offering these classrooms and providing school stationery, the volunteers ensure the back-to-school of some of these kids during the 2014-2015 academic year. MTN's action will also mitigate the risk of recruiting these children refugees by armed groups. For 21 days, MTNC staff, accompanied by their partners, actively participated in construction works such as filling, mortar manufacturing, planting of poles, foundation chaining, iron weaving, elevation of walls, painting. The classrooms constructed at Government Primary School, Gado by MTNC employees are now ready to receive these children refugees. MTNers, in addition to donating didactic materials, equally manufactured 4600 arm boards to be handed to these children.   

The construction of houses to accommodate teachers of Government Bilingual High School, Manoka in the Littoral region as part of our 1st sub-project, enables MTNers to positively impact the communities in 21 days. Manoka is an archipelago (24 islands) located 21 Km from Douala in which live 40,000 people of two main nationalities: Cameroonians and Nigerians. Education is one of the big challenges of this locality where people live in abject poverty.

In Government Bilingual High School, Manoka, 17 teachers are assigned but only 5 go there once a week. There is no place where the teachers can stay in Manoka. The school has 100 students. This low enrolment is caused by the regular absence of teachers, due to lack of accommodation. Consequently, many parents on the Manoka Island prefer sending their children to family members who live in town with the hope of benefiting better education. Parents who are unable to afford, use their children as labour for fishing on which the population lives. This explains why MTNC employees decided to build in 21 days, housing structures for teachers in order to guarantee their stability and regularity on campus with the objective of getting more children back to school. The construction works were carried out by MTNers, assisted by the population, teachers and students who are the main beneficiaries.

For 21 days, MTN Cameroon also initiated children of 6 social care institutions in the use of ICTs and social networks. This project enabled to sensitize and train the underprivileged on basic computer knowledge and essentials on new technologies of the New World. Classified in workshops according to their age or level of basic education, residents had the opportunity to touch and experience computers, the internet, smartphones, tablets, social networks, etc. The training was carried out by MTNers who pleasantly shared their experience by always ensuring that information was adequately understood and assimilated. To achieve this, relevant documentation was handed by MTNers to the learners. Thanks to this training, MTNC rendered access to NICTs affordable by these underprivileged children who never would have expected to experience and familiarize with such tools of which an individual not knowledgeable on their use is considered an illiterate.

The volunteers also reinforced its E-Library, digital structure created by MTN Cameroon within the framework of the 2012 edition of the 21 Days of Y’ello Care programme. The content of this facility has been enriched this year with past official examinations in view of giving the possibility to current candidates, teachers, students, etc. to train themselves regularly to improve their capacity- building.

MTN Cameroon ended the 21 Days of Y’ello Care programme with a note of satisfaction to have realized sustainable and impacting social projects that seek to promote Education for all.



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