MTN Cameroon supports Manoka high school

Within the framework of the 21 days of Y’ello Care programme, MTN Cameroon has committed to building a guest home to empower the teachers of Manoka as part of its 1st secondary project.

The objective is to provide teachers with a suitable environment to ease their activity and ensure quality education for the students by safeguarding the stability of teachers. Construction works were launched on June 1. Several staff affected by the deplorable conditions of teachers, committed themselves to brave all obstacles to support the government bilingual school of Manoka. On June 07, they went to Manoka where they did bricklaying, notably the manufacturing of blocks, concrete, and tracing. On June 14, 2014, another group of staff went to Manoka. They have contributed to raise the walls of the building that will serve as housing for teachers. They proceeded to manufacture blocks and concrete as well as carried out all minor masonry works.

Manoka is an archipelago with 24 islands, located 21kms from the economic capital Douala, in which live 40,000 people of two main nationalities, Cameroonians and Nigerians who all live from fishing and live an environment characterized by abject poverty. Education is one of the big challenges of the locality.  Manoka Bilingual High School is the only high school in the locality. With 100 students from various surrounding villages, 17 teachers are assigned to the school but only 5 go there, once a week. There is no place where they can stay at Manoka.

The lack of houses to accommodate teachers is one of the main problems faced by the school.  In addition, public transportation between Douala and Manoka by under-equipped boats. Teachers do not always have the financial means to fund their trips. Apart from their basic training, when they travel to Manoka, the teachers are sometimes forced without equipment to deliver courses to students in various classes in disciplines they are not trained for. The main consequences of these shortcomings are the demotivation of teachers, their instability, and rural exodus of young people to the city to attend school. As a matter of fact, due to lack of housing infrastructure, most of the teachers of this high school have abandoned their job. They consider their assignment as a disciplinary sanction and do not bear their housing conditions in Manoka.

The Manoka project is largely due to the support of the “BIR”. In fact, this elite corps of the Cameroonian army ensures the transportation and security of MTNC staff for all trips to the island. There are secure and armoured boats made available each time as well as an escort during the trip and on the site.  


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