MTN Cameroon revolutionises video streaming with Yabadoo

MTN Cameroon, the leader of electronic communications in Cameroon, has announced the launch of a video streaming service codenamed Yabadoo.

This is a diversified, simple and affordable service that includes live TV, movies and series, revolutionising local video content offering to be consumed online. As far as TV is concerned, available to customers are local TV stations of reference such as CRTV, Canal2 International, STV, Vision4, LTM. There are also packages on news, entertainment and for youth, with channels such as AfricaNews, France24, TV5, Vox Africa, Manga TV, Fashion TV, Sports TV, Nina TV, Canal2 Movies, etc.

For series and feature movies, the huge successes of Marvel’s kinematic universe are available, as well as James Bond, John Wick, Transformers, “Moi Moche et Méchant”, “l’Age de glace”, Very Bad Trip, Saw, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Flash, Prison Break, Arrow and others.

Access to Yabadoo content is through the Yabadoo application available by free download on Android and iOS mobile systems. MTN Cameroon subscribers can access Yabadoo by connecting to the leading operator’s mobile internet network. The design quality and ergonomics of this mobile application provide users with a pleasant experience.

In addition, Yabadoo is a revolution because the service offers quality content at affordable tariffs: from 100 FCFA for TV channel packages, 350 FCFA for feature movies and 500 FCFA for a series. Better still, content streaming via the application does not consume the user’s internet bundle.

With this new offer, MTN Cameroon provides its subscribers with quality local and international content to be consumed on the fastest 4G network in Cameroon. For producers and media houses, it is a platform that enables to widen their audience and improve their revenue. With Yabadoo, MTN reaffirms its position of catalyst in the development of a real digital economy in Cameroon.

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