MTN Cameroon Foundation re-launches

MTN Cameroon has announced the effective re-launch of MTN Cameroon Foundation activities.

First launched in February 2006, the MTN Foundation is the first corporate foundation created in Cameroon aimed at bettering the lives of the population and sustainably contributing to the growth and development of the country.

After the extension of its duration for 6 more years from 2013  to 2018, the Foundation held its first meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT) this week in Yaoundé.

The new BOT of MTN Cameroon Foundation is made up of distinguished personalities of the Cameroonian society and two Executive Directors of MTN Cameroon. Namely:

-          H.E Peter Mafany Musonge, Grand Chancellor of the National Orders and former Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon who is the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees;

-          Pr. Ebénézer Njoh Mouelle, distinguished scholar and former Minister of Communication & Spokesperson of the Cameroonian Government;

-          Princess Rabiatou Njoya, renowned writer and artist;

-          Chief Théodore Ejangue, Chairman of the Financial Market Commission;

-          Karl O. Toriola, CEO of MTN Cameroon;

-          Jean-Simon Ngann Yonn, CMO of MTN Cameroon.

During the next five years, MTN Cameroon Foundation will be focusing on enhancing education through the use of new technologies, improving overall health by implementing sustainable projects that could fight against maternal and infant mortality, and community development through projects that ensure access to potable water and foster agriculture and animal breeding.

MTN Cameroon Foundation will also launch two initiatives to encourage staff volunteerism and deepen employees’ participation in Foundation activities: the first initiative will be the ‘’Friends of MTN Foundation Club’’ which will regroup volunteer staff to assist underprivileged people and institutions (orphanages, schools, hospitals) and could act to assist victims in case of disaster; the second initiative will be the patronage of projects. Staff will have the opportunity each year, to propose relevant and sustainable projects for their communities. The selected projects will be financed by the MTN Cameroon Foundation and implemented by their initiators. 

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