MTN Cameroon announces re-establishment of mobile internet services

MTN Cameroon, leader of the electronics communications sector in Cameroon, has announced that mobile internet services have been completely re-established on its network.

Internet connectivity was interrupted between Thursday, 16 January and Saturday, 18 January following a double undersea fibre optic cable cut of the West Africa Cable System (WACS). Several operators in Central and West Africa whose internet connectivity is dependent on the WACS fibre optic cable were faced with slow connectivity speeds, and in some cases, a partial or total black-out of internet services.

MTN said in a statement that while waiting for the repair of the double cut of the WACS fibre optic cable which could take several days, MTN Cameroon’s engineers and their local and international partners worked tirelessly these last two days to connect users on alternative sub-marine cables and re-establish mobile internet services within a record period of time.

MTN Cameroon presented its sincere apologies to its clients for the inconveniences caused which were involuntary and reiterated its commitment to offering Cameroonians optimal quality of services on its network. 

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