MTC prepares for surging data demand

Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) is preparing for a surge in demand for data, and aims to cover the whole country as it improves and optimises its infrastructure.

This financial year, MTC plans to reinvest 100% of its profits into optimising its infrastructure and increasing network coverage. In the past three years, the company has reinvested 80% of its profits on its networks.

The company last month launched 4G LTE in Namibia, starting with coverage and a series of mobile internet packages in Windhoek. It aims to roll out 4G LTE to 45% of the Namibian population within the next 12 months.

Miguel Geraldes, Managing Director of MTC, says the launch of 4G LTE in Namibia clearly demonstrates how advanced MTC’s data services are.

MTC has also invested USD15 million in the new WACS undersea cable and USD10 million on the associated national fibre optic networks, which it sees as critical for its 4G services.

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