MP says ICT can improve service delivery

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

An Inter-District Public Service Celebration has given the Member of Parliament for Tati West, Biggie Butale the platform to encourage other public servants to take advantage of opportunities provided by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and youth talent to enhance service delivery.

The celebrations were held in Masunga in the northern part of the country recently. During the gathering Butale encouraged the use of ICT, saying there greater chances of employment creation and improved service delivery which in turn improve the wellbeing of the economy. “Regarding the challenges currently faced by the country, let us take advantage of opportunities such as ICT and our educated and talented youth to create a stronger environment for improved service delivery.”Of the Inter-District Public Service Celebrations, the MP said the event was very important as its main objective was to pay tribute not only to the public servants, but also to those who served the nation in 1966 independence. 

He thanked those that worked towards building the principles of nationhood saying “You have taken this country from its humble beginnings, where it had virtually nothing and was declared one of the poorest countries in the world to the upper middle income nation it is today. You have upheld the flag of this country and exhibited as I have come to know, a spirit of self-reliance, rule of law and the shining leadership that this country demonstrates,” he said.

Botswana is where it is today as a result of selfless citizens who have poured all their energies to change the country for the better including the public servants. He commended the government through the department of Public Service Management (DPSM) for making efforts to widely publicize the Inter-District Public Service day.

“Since its inception in our country in 2012, the DPSM went around the country sensitizing public servants about this day, whose district level commemoration was officially launched in the city of Francistown in 2014,” he said.

The government of Botswana is known for its unenviable efforts in the whole of Africa for taking the country in the digital technology routes. Since 2004, the government has committed to developing a national information and communication policy that is aimed at building upon other government initiatives and assist in achieving vision 2016, which coincidentally sees its end this year. Recent studies have revealed some disparities to the spread of ICT in the country between the urban dwellers and those that reside in the far off remote areas. “The majority of the urban centers are relatively well supplied with modern technologies while, the remote and rural areas, there’s a lot to be desired.”

However, the youth of Botswana like youths everywhere, are making their mark in coming up with innovations and creations that answer to the ICT call. This can be evident in the works of youth organisations like Ditec Mobile, Spachee, Botswana Animal Database (BAD) for short and the world renowned Modisar. Other ICT initiatives by local youths come from the likes of MediaShak, BIT Brands, All Green and Shop360, among a host of those that heed the government efforts to revitalize Botswana through the application of modern technologies.



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