Fernando Azevedo, General Director of TVCABO Moçambique

Mozambican television and internet dual play operator TVCABO has been awarded a Golden Arrow in the pmr.africa Awards, in the category of "Best Internet Service Provider in Mozambique", within the corporate sector. This award aims to distinguish African companies which stand out within this activity sector, promoting initiatives which stimulate the country’s economic growth and development.

Fernando Azevedo, General Director of TVCABO Moçambique, said: "TVCABO is proud to receive an award for the second consecutive year at the pmr.africa Awards. This event has been a source of pride for all participating companies, and an inspiration for all the other carrying out their business activity within the Mozambican market. More than just an award, this is a reflection of our daily commitment to continue providing quality services to our customers. "

pmr.africa is a South African consultancy which aims at the recognition and real perception by users of the work performed by service providers companies within the Mozambican market.

“The score achieved – excellent - shows both the confidence of the customers, and the general public, which includes not only decision makers, but   also   other   players   in   the   market. The award means that our customers are satisfied and, for us, this is something which motivates us to continue to do better," said Azevedo.


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