Mozambique to decide soon on Digital TV standard

The Mozambican government says it will take a decision soon on which digital TV broadcasting standard it will adopt.

This follows an SDC meeting of Ministers for telecommunications, ICT and broadcasting in Lusaka, Zambia, last week.

The SADC ministers recommended the adoption of a standard known as Digital Video Broadcasting -Terrestrial 2 (DVB-T2), an upgrade on DVB-T.

The Mozambican delegation was headed by Minister of Transport and Communications, Paulo Zucula, and included the President of the Board of INCM, Isidoro Pedro da Silva, and General Manager of the same regulatory authority of the postal and telecommunications, Amé rcio Muchanga.

INCM said in a statement that the government would hold consultations with the various stakeholders and make a decision on which standard to adopt within the next few weeks.

It noted Angola was the only countryin the region that took a clear position of nonalignment with DVB-T2, recommended by SADC.  Luanda will adopt the ISDB-T (Integrated System Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial) standard.

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