Moov Africa - Togo

Mobile operator Moov Africa has been slapped with a FCFA 593.8 million fine (nearly $1.1 million) by ARCEP, the country’s telecommunications regulator for "serious breaches to provide its electronic communications networks and services on a permanent and continuous basis”, according to reports from the capital Lomé.

Moov Africa, a subsidiary of Maroc Telecom, is believed to have experienced serious dysfunctions in its network between the period of June and September 2020 and again through March to April 2021.

The operator is thought to have rejected the accusations, slamming the electricity supplier, CEET (Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo), for what it called “untimely cuts” that were causing the malfunctions.

Consequently, reports said the operator announced the acquisition of generators and to keep the facilities running in the event of blackouts.

However, the explanations seemed not to have convinced the regulator, which ultimately fined Moov Africa. Moov Togo is one of 11 subsidiaries of Maroc Telecom, which were rebranded Moov Africa in January 2021. 

Maroc Telecom has more than 70 million customers on the continent, according to reports from Rabat.

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