Jeremy Osborne

The potential for mobile marketing growth across Africa is huge, says global digital services firm Gemalto.

Gemalto MD, Telecommunication Solutions for Africa,  Jeremy Osborne, says the company sees massive potential for growth in this area.

Speaking to Biztechafrica in Johannesburg, Osborne said: “Mobile marketing is on an important growth path. Customers are open to it, but it has to be in line with their interests and based on trust. They have to opt in, and feel secure that their privacy will be respected.”

As with any new and growing industry, says Osborne, mobile marketing is now finding the right approaches and best practices. “Marketers must follow the golden rules of engagement, there must be transparency, and naturally, there must also be rewards for the consumer – such as discounts or promotions.”

Gemalto, which works with mobile operators across the continent, sees room for significant growth in services and marketing delivered via mobile.

“Mobile is an exciting market across Africa,” he says, “and it is a good growth market for Gemalto. We see our basket of digital, mobile and security services being adopted rapidly.”

Osborne says in addition to marketing, key growth areas include security and cloud services. “In Africa, the mobile phone is becoming the primary interface with the online and digital experience,” he notes.

In a survey conducted in South Africa, he says, 55% of people said they had already lost mobile content. 75% said they would use a cloud-based service allowing them to share photos and video if their operators offered it. Small business, he points out, is heavily dependent on mobile, and needs the ability to back up, share and make payments securely. Cloud services can enable this, he says.

“We see numerous opportunities for operators to add value to their offerings through marketing and cloud services for mobile users,” says Osborne.

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