Minister Nsengimana commends Africa Digital Media Academy

Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, has commended the Africa Digital Media Academy for its work in teaching the youth to use ICTs.

He was speaking at the awarding of a WSIS Project Prize given by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Africa Digital Media Academy was voted as the best project in media category.

Minister Nsengimana said that Africa Media Academy was helping young people in Rwanda to develop skills to produce better content, using mainly ICT. He said: “You are lucky to have access to this cutting-edge technology. You should not wait for government to give you jobs; you should instead create jobs for others because this industry still has many untapped opportunities and the skills you are getting here will help you compete even at the international level.”

Africa Digital media Academy (ADMA) is a vocational training program located in the city of Kigali was initiated in March 2012 by Workforce Development Authority (WDA) together with Pixel Corps Ltd. It provides students with skills necessary to work in all areas of the digital media industry.

The State Minister in charge of TVET, Albert Nsengiyumva, urged students at Africa Digital Media Academy to work hard to be able to create more jobs after completing their studies.

Jean Pierre Birutakwinginga, a student at ADMA, noted he learnt the film production techniques: “This is a great opportunity for us to explore our talents in this new innovative discipline of film making,” stressed Birutakwinginga.

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