Mauritius company launches innovative HR platform

Bolt Talent Solutions, a global recruitment agency based in Mauritius, has launched a video interviewing platform to support HR leaders, business owners and corporates in Mauritius in light of COVID-19.

Bolt Talent Solutions is offering one-way and on-demand live video interviewing software, which will allow users to find the right talent faster than ever before. The software will make the collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers far more effective than traditional telephone or face to face interviewing. In view of the current situation post COVID-19, Bolt Talent Solutions is making the software available to all at no cost for the first 60 days.

These days, candidates expect an almost instant response to their application, a smooth interview process and rapid time to hire. Traditional interviewing methods can waste a lot of time and resources between scheduling conflicts, no shows and unsuitable candidates. For candidates, where interviews must be re-scheduled it can send a negative signal about the organisation. The video interviewing software can help to overcome many of these challenges.

Commenting on the launch of the video interviewing software platform, Vanessa Flynn, Founder and CEO of Bolt Talent Solutions said, “During the lockdown, we took the decision to focus our energy on innovating through the adversity that COVID-19 posed.

We learned that our clients were looking for new ways to hire talent while reducing the risks associated with meeting candidates in person. We are now launching the video interviewing software to support organisations as they strive to provide a safe environment for their staff and for candidates. We believe that our tool has a key role to play at the pre-screening stage, by reducing the need for physical meetings.”

In terms of how the process works, the recruiters create a job profile on the software platform, based on a meeting with the hiring organisation which can also provide inputs for the questions. Candidates receive a link to complete a video interview in their own time and on any smart device.

The hiring organisation is then able to view, rate, comment and share shortlisted interviews with key decision makers anytime from anywhere. This shortens the recruitment cycle time, as it means that the hiring manager can focus their energies on only interviewing the candidates who are the best fit.

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