Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub chosen to host Africa FinTech Festival 2020

Mauritius will host the Africa FinTech Festival (AFF) 2020, which is scheduled for May 2020 with a targeted number of 2,000 delegates. 

MAFH CEO Michal Szymanski was in Uganda for the award of this prestigious honour and proudly accepted the 'AFF' flag. 

"The vote of confidence we received by the other member countries in Africa to host this event shows that Mauritius is making waves in the FinTech arena on the continent. Exposing the Mauritian FinTech ecosystem to Africa and the rest of the world, including the youth on the island, will be a catalyst for more investment, interest and innovation being developed locally," says Michal Szymanski.

Ultimately, MAFH is excited to be the host organiser as the award of this event provides yet another affirmation that Mauritius is indeed the FinTech Innovation Hub for Africa. 

The Africa FinTech Festival is an annual conference and meeting of representatives across Africa – from regulators, policy makers, FinTechs, investors, to banks, and more. The conference highlights the ideas, trends, innovations and key debates on wide ranging issues from Regtech, consumer protection, disruption of savings, credit, insurance and pension value chains, to borderless operations, non-traditional partnerships, and game-changing business models.

MAFH applied to host the AFF 2020 as a strategic initiative to drive and support the growth of a pan-African FinTech ecosystem, and to facilitate open collaboration for the purposes of driving innovation and financial inclusion in Africa. 

This event is strategically aligned with the MAFH’s vision to promote Mauritius as the FinTech Innovation Hub for Africa, under which a key objective for MAFH is to increase outreach and to build pan-African as well as international connections and associations. 

Hosting AFF 2020 will strengthen MAFH’s positioning that Mauritius is the FinTech Hub for Africa and create awareness of the benefits of Mauritius as an effective centre of activity as well as a nucleus for African FinTech collaboration. It will also provide a great opportunity for delegates to learn about the Mauritian and African FinTech start-ups, the Mauritius business environment and to experience the location itself.

Finally, hosting AFF 2020 is the ideal opportunity to showcase that there is an existing platform to welcome businesses, start-ups and corporates in Mauritius. By hosting events such as AFF 2020, MAFH aims to promote the ultimate objective of Africans investing in Africa.

The event is expected to be held over 3-5 days in May 2020, with the precise duration and dates to be confirmed at a later stage.

The festival host country is selected by the Africa FinTech Network, a platform that unites Africa FinTech leaders and stakeholders through their country associations to exchange information and ideas, support creation of innovative technologies and deployment across and beyond Africa.

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