Mauritania has the second least affordable broadband market in the world with 10 megabytes per second (Mbps) deal costing over $4 000 per month. This is beyond the reach of many in a nation where an average salary is about $60.

In Mauritania, the broadband bill for a 10 Mbps line would be an incredible $4,726.36,” said NetCredit, a United States based financial service provider in a blog post early this month.

“This dwarfs the average monthly paycheck of $60.50 at a rate of 7812.16%. This makes Mauritania the second least affordable broadband market in the world.”

The Northwest African nation is ranked the second least affordable broadband market in the world after Yemen, where a broadband deal costs nearly 30 times the average monthly salary, thanks to the civil war that makes it impossible to build reliable broadband infrastructure.

The lack of broadband infrastructure in Mauritania is one of the reasons why it has ranked so low. In Africa, several countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Somalia and Ethiopia have broadband deals that cost hundreds of dollars.

In terms of broadband speed, African nations, are lagging behind as compared to other nations in Europe.

“The worst 10 Mbps deals cost upwards of 1000% of the monthly wage in parts of Africa, thanks to two-figure wages and speeds that barely reach 4 Mbps,” said NetCredit.

“Even in Seychelles, where wages are comparable to Hungary’s, you’d need to spend 31.89% of your income to get 10Mbps broadband – because the mean download speed is just 3.96.”

South Africa has the most affordable broadband market in Africa, with 10 Mbps costing $31.89 per month which is 7.74 percent of an individual’s monthly salary.

Other countries with the most affordable broadband market include Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritius and Morocco. These countries have some of the most developed telecommunications infrastructure in Africa.

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