Mascom readies for 5G with 4.5 WTTX services launch

“Speed is the new currency,” so says Mascom Wireless Botswana. The telephony company is taking big strides as it readies for the launch of 5G technologies. This effort has been exhibited recently when Mascom introduced the new 4.5G WTTX services at the imposing Mascom Innovation Centre. 5G promises mobile data speeds that far outstrip the fastest home broadband network currently available to consumers. With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G.  

According to Ronan Dune, Executive Vice President and Group CEO, Verizon Consume Group, “By 2025, 5G will enable $12, 3 Trillion of Global economic output and support 22million jobs.” However currently only a handful of phones that are 5G compatible are available.   

Speaking at the launch, Mascom’s fixed services sales head, Niall Downey said the new data solution, My Surf Turbo, was flexible, mobile and most importantly relatively fast.

He said Mascom’s job was to ensure they adapted to their customers’ needs as well as supply the small and medium businesses in Botswana.

“Customers always want better pricing, faster speeds for their data and the roll-out of new technology that is being used effectively in other markets. Technology feeds itself, it makes more technology possible and with our new 4.5G WTTX services it provides the highway for these faster speeds. Mascom is now the first in the country to launch these WTTX services in Botswana,” he told a gathering of interested guests.

Niall Downey explained that the WTTX service was quick deployment, adding ‘it is plug and play and it provides faster speeds than 4G LTE and this service is the first building block for the Mascom 5G evolution. WTTX is Mascom paving a way to be 5G ready.’

In addition to that, the Sales Head mentioned that such technology provided a strong platform for customers to have multiple users watch streaming services such as Netflix.

“It can provide a platform to improve learning so students can research from the comfort of their homes. It will provide the e-commerce platform to help the youth generate more revenue, offer a platform for young entrepreneurs to sell their unique products and services. A platform for gaming and helping the virtual world get a step closer,” he said.

The company has many other initiatives that are built towards enhancing the peoples’ lives including the lives of children and girls. We recently celebrated a significant milestone in of our flagship partnership project with Bofinet. The project, eSchools Project, is a partnership in which the two entities install internet in all government schools. The project covers primary, junior and senior secondary schools all over Botswana. To date, 623 government schools had been connected.


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