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The Main One and Seacom cables have been interconnected along the West and East African coasts, creating immediate pan-African capacity and a direct link between Nigeria and SA.

In a statement issued today, the undersea cable operators said they had interconnected their West and East African Cable Systems to launch capacity services from PoP to PoP, from a STM-1 level and above. This partnership extends the Main One and SEACOM networks to create a system that offers connection between any SEACOM and Main One PoPs all around Africa between South Africa and Nigeria.

Funke Opeke, Main One CEO, said: “ While efforts to implement a physical cable between Nigeria and South Africa continue, we have joined our cables together in Europe to satisfy many of our customers’ immediate requirements for capacity between Nigeria and South Africa.”  

As with the Main One and Seacom cables themselves, the joint solution is provided on an open-access basis and is immediately available, providing customers with a timing advantage ahead of the completion of other planned systems around the African continent.

“ We hold the view that a ring-type system around the entire continent is the best way to attain adequate redundancy whilst offering customers a comprehensive connectivity solution. The announcement today shows our determination to find a viable way to extend our system with partners who share our vision to build the African Internet  ,” said Brian Herlihy, Seacom CEO.

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