Main One partners with Global Crossing

Main One Cable Company has partnered with IP solutions firm Global Crossing to extend global connectivity to its clients.

Main One Cable Company recently announced its decision to deploy a new portfolio of IP-enabled services.

The partnership with Global Crossing will enable Main One to further extend its customers connectivity in countries where it doesn’ t have coverage, through the Global Crossing Tier 1 MPLS network, that reaches more than 700 cities in more than 70 countries.

Customers will now be able to extend their connectivity through Main One across the US, Canadian and Latin American markets.  In addition to expanding Main One’ s reach, the partnership will increase flexibility with its new set of products and provide significantly reduced transit charges for customer terminations.

Main One’ s head of Marketing and Strategy, Adebayo Oyewole, “ We chose Global Crossing for its particular regional strengths.  Our partnership with Global Crossing enhances Main One’ s position as the one-stop shop for accessing the public Internet via the Main One network, which is designed for high capacity service. 

The new product portfolio enables Main One to deliver a wide range of connectivity options to geographically dispersed locations, while reducing customers’ costs by converging previously disparate data, voice and video networks.  With Main One, you can start small and grow with confidence that you are connected to a provider who is tuned in to the fast changing needs of its clients.”

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