Main One CEO Funke Opeke

The Main One Cable company will deploy a Cisco IP-NGN solution to upgrade its capacity and service in West Africa.

Cisco said Main One Cable would deploy Cisco’ s Internet Protocol Next- Generation Network (IP-NGN) solution to take broadband capacity in West Africa ‘ to the next level’ .
It reported that growing demand for highly secure, high bandwidth network capacity from government and global enterprise customers was driving Main One to deploy its new network.

Main One CEO Funke Opeke said: “ Main One is set to deliver a state of the art IP Next Generation Network platform to accelerate the deployment of broadband in West Africa. The market is demanding for more sophisticated services and we have chosen to work with Cisco to deliver its latest and most innovative technology solutions that will help Main One develop its customer offerings and stay ahead of the game.”

Working with Cisco, Main One will develop a high quality IP based network and application service offerings to create efficient content delivery highway to private and public communications networks in West Africa.

Customers are expected to benefit from various value-added services enabled by IP technology, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Voice over IP (VOIP), IPTV and advanced collaboration technologies.

Also, the Main One network will provide its customers the flexibility of being able to purchase bandwidth in smaller increments further enabling broadband penetration within West Africa. Integral to meeting these customer requirements will be the deployment of the Cisco® CRS-3 and ASR 9000 Series routers for enhanced capacity, high resiliency, and robust IPv6 support.

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