London conference to focus on investment in Guinea

Following on from a Mining Code Briefing on 12 June at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, the ‘Invest in Guinea’ initiative is organising an all-day Invest in Guinea Conference on 13 June at the Westbury Hotel, London.

Discussing the various facets of Guinea’s investment landscape, this event is particularly timely given not just the ensuing G8 Summit (17-18 June 2013) taking place in London, where the focus will be on open governments to support free trade and encourage greater transparency and accountability, but also the UK’s recent announcement that it will be implementing the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative). The EITI supports a global standard of transparency and better governance of natural resources, including full disclosure of taxes, royalties and other fees from a country’s oil, gas and mining sectors.

The Invest in Guinea Conference will feature presentations on topics including Environmental Sustainability, Local Sustainability, Developments within Mining and Infrastructure, Country Certification and Financing and Investment Guarantees. A full schedule is available overleaf.

Supported by New Leaf and Afcom, the conference will be followed by a cocktail reception at the Westbury the same evening, from 17:30-20:30.

“Africa's reserves of oil and minerals are estimated at over $55 trillion. Half of the top ten and twenty fastest growing economies in the world are in sub-Saharan Africa. The opportunity for social and economic transformation through responsible investments in Africa is now. The Republic of Guinea is among the most resource-rich countries on the globe and has advanced a transparent government and strong financial management as noted by the recent IMF report. The Invest in Guinea initiative and conference is an ideal platform, providing direct engagement with senior Guinean officials on the immediate pipeline of opportunities available in energy, mining and other sectors.”

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