Local languages now on EcoCash

Econet Wireless has announced a new enhancement to the EcoCash mobile money wallet by unveiling multiple local languages to the EcoCash platform. 

EcoCash users will immediately be able to use Ndebele and Shona on the platform, while more local languages will be added onto the menu shortly. 

In continuation of an aggressive drive towards financial inclusion and rapid innovation of more complex offerings, EcoCash is lowering barriers to access, greater customer awareness and understanding of the products and services.

EcoCash follows on the trends of great technology companies like Google who have include multiple languages on their browser interfaces in order to be more relevant to customers. 

Anyone registered on EcoCash will now have to choice to select English, Shona and Ndebele, as well as a few more to come, from the EcoCash wallet services menu. 

With the launch last week of EcoCash Savings Clubs - the in-wallet group savings offering - EcoCash is sending a message that a rich user experience and customer support for more complex innovations is a top priority. 

“EcoCash is not just about financial inclusion, it is also about inclusive growth which means taking customer’s preferences and choice into account on the innovative EcoCash journey,” said Natalie Jabangwe-Morris, Head of EcoCash Business.

EcoCash received the Best Network led Mobile Money Service award at the Mobile Money Expo held in Lagos, Nigeria this past last week. The incremental innovation trend demonstrated on the EcoCash wallet provides the product differentiation that easily makes EcoCash the most trusted payment channel for Zimbabweans.

CEO of Econet Services, Dr Jimmy Shindi, commented: “We seek to provide expansive customer inclusion by ensuring that every person in Zimbabwe, regardless of their location, rural or urban, is able to articulate and understand our products and services without any difficulty”. 

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