Liberia, Tanzania fast-track power

Liberia and Tanzania will scale up their transformational action to roll out power across the countries.

In September, the Governments of Liberia and Tanzania opened their doors to officials of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and its implementing partners, including the AfDB, to begin exploring development of investment plans under the CIF’s Program for Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP).

In Liberia, the government is committed to accelerate expansion of access to electricity, with an ambitious strategy to reach electricity coverage of 70% of the population in Monrovia, and 35% nationwide by 2030. The SREP Investment Plan for Renewable Energies (IPRE) will focus on both on-grid and off-grid expansion options for the sector using renewable energies in a way that supports the Government’s goals. 

In Tanzania, the government is committed in its Vision 2025 to transforming the country to middle-income status by 2025 with a prospering economy and a high quality of life for its citizens. A key pillar of this Vision is the goal of reaching 30% access to electricity nationwide by 2015. The SREP Investment Plan will support and align with the broad energy sector development plans to implement this goal, particularly the Power Sector Development Master Plan and the Rural Electrification Prospectus.

Liberia and Tanzania are two of seven countries in the ‘second batch’ of pilot countries selected to benefit from SREP investment. SREP supports programs with potential for scaled-up, transformational action aimed at building renewable transformation in low income countries. The CIF promotes international cooperation on climate change and supports developing countries as they move toward climate-resilient and low-carbon development.

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