Korean, Botswana companies assist with SOEA

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

The e-government initiative as set out by the government of Botswana a few years ago is beginning to take root, with some departments and ministries putting into practice what the government has proposed.

A recent case in point is the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) which has opted to carve a blueprint service oriented enterprise architecture (SOEA) system with the objective of realigning information communication technology in the public service.

According to a ministry spokesperson, the SOEA mechanism will be due in about three years of which development of the concept will be finished and will based on the principles of “developing a service orientated e-government system.”

According to pundits privy to the development of this SOEA project, an amount of about $8 million will be needed to replace the disjointed information systems developed by relevant ministries within the Botswana government.

However, the government has teamed up with a Korean IT company to form a joint venture. “The company, Korea IT Consulting and Gajog Investment has been awarded the tender to develop the project while a local company, Rosedale Technology has been sub-contracted for the project.”

Speaking during the launch of the project in Gaborone on Monday, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Neil Fitt said the system would transform the public sector into a high performing sector and eliminate wastage of resources. Neil Fitt said the government has made strides in creating awareness on the value and benefits of e-government.

In another similar gesture, the e-nnovation Youth Empowerment Programme has been launched by the Ministry of youth and culture to accelerate the culture of technology among the young.

E-nnovation Youth Empowerment Programme is a programme where the young people and graduates between 18-29 years submits feasible business proposals in the Information Communication Technology and Science and Technology Sectors.

“Interested teams and individuals will be encouraged to submit and present business concepts that are unique yet beneficial to society in the long term.  There will be a substantial focus on creativity, innovation, social responsibility and sustainability of the project.

In 2004, the Government of Botswana committed to developing a National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy that would build upon government initiatives and assist in achieving Vision 2016.

“In keeping with Vision 2016, it is envisioned that the Nationa ICT Policy will position Botswana for sustained growth in the digital age by serving as a key catalyst in achieving social, economic, political and cultural transformation within the country.

The Government realises that in order to have an effective Policy, a legislative framework must be put in place to identify and support the initiatives to be undertaken,” explained a document outlining the Maitlamo, which is the government ICT policy. 

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