Prof. Lucy Irungu, Dr. Reuben Mutiso and Joseph Liu

By Victor Magunamu, Kenya

Konza and Huawei technology have partnered to establish an innovation bub at the Machakos University.

The Hub dubbed “Konza Innovation hub” will play a role in linking the industry with the academy with view of enhancing research and innovations that can scale up.

Speaking during the unveil of the partnership ahead of the Konza innovation ecosystem initiative scheduled for December 5,  Konza Technopolis Development  Authority chief executive John Tanui said a triple helix approach to development is key to unlocking great potential within the institutions of higher learning.

 “By administering quality education and supplementing skills and with an innovative culture is sure to create the leaders of the future. We believe the Machakos innovation hub we launch here today will be a catalyst towards shaping tomorrow’s ideas and inventions,’’ Tanui said.

Konza Technopolis Chairman Reuben Mutiso termed the forum as a timely engagement poised to bring on board critical players in the innovation ecosystem in an endeavor to harness the synergy in advancing the science, technology and innovation agenda.

 “Kenya is a knowledge based economy driven by abundance wealth of ideas. As such, our core objective in setting up Africa’s technology Hub is to develop a world class infrastructure and technology that will facilitate research, education and foster business growth,’’ he said.

Huawei’s representative who presented computers and electronics to the university said that his firm is committed to brewing innovative ecosystem across the globe and asked scholars to embrace ideas that elevate them beyond the confines of the current environment.

Konza Technopolis flagship project is Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development portfolio with acore mandate envisioned to create an area of innovation for the country and wider East Africa.

In the fiscal year 2016/2017, Kenya spent Sh3.5 billion equivalent to 0.005 per cent of GDP on research, science, technology and innovation.

The initiative is setting the ball rolling in fostering a digitally powered ecosystem that will address present and future needs of both stakeholders and the community.

Upon completion, Konza City is expected to function much like a fully-fledged metropolitan with a vibrant mix of businesses, employing at least 17,000 people.

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