Kiro’o Games’ Aurion coloured comic now available on Amazon

After 18 months of work, Kiro’o Games wallbreakers are finally releasing another project from their magnificent African-Fantasy epic to the public. Aurion: The Legacy of the Kori-Odan is available now as a comic book on Amazon. This first volume has 220 colored pages including a number of creative note bonus from the game’s universe.

In 2016, long before the film Black Panther was released, Cameroon's first video game studio Kiro’o Games made history in the world of video games; by releasing the first African fantasy action game. The game has so far gained worldwide recognition, especially for its narrative, visual and sound quality.

Unfortunately, the format of the PC game had prevented many fans from enjoying this universe, especially African communities with few PC gamers.

As requested by its community, the studio embarked on the creation of a comic book. Between 2017 and 2018, black and white chapters of the comic were made available for free online; which got about 100 K downloads and many positive feedbacks from fans.

At the core of what is becoming an African saga, Aurion was written and sketched based on a deep plot that has the power to resonate with the whole world: The quest for oneself.

No prophecy, no war of good against evil, no chosen one, no princess to be saved. Here, the Aurionic universe revolves just around the big question: "Who am I?”

The authors of the story got their inspiration from African myths and dilemmas to write the scenario: How can you find your place when everyone considers you weak? How do you succeed in a political world you know nothing about? What could be kept/retouched in our Heritage?  What future can we build for our children?  

Underlying each dialogue, comedy and comic book action scene, Kiro’o hopes to encourage readers and families with individual struggles while indulging them in a display of heroic moments of bravery. Watch a video of the comic launch here

Aurion: The Legacy of Kori-Odan is available on Amazon; 220 amazing colored pages including a number of creative note bonuses from the game’s universe. The next Volume will be available in November 2019. Click here to access the Volume


This transition from video games to comics did not deter the studio from creating more video games. A vast diversification plan of cartoon and other game projects are available in their schedule plan shared in May 2019 by Kiro’o to its online community.

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