Kenya Telkom’s digital transformation, announced earlier this month, is particularly important within the telecommunications sector as the company’s new strategic focus areas will address the current transformational dynamic as well as Telkom’s long-term objectives.

This comes in the wake of the company explaining the collapse of the proposed joint venture transaction with Airtel networks Kenya due to both companies experiencing challenges to approvals required to complete the transaction.  

The company now proposes to create a future smart landing hub for the majority of sub-marine cables in the region as they continue to provide connectivity to all data, entering and exiting Kenya.

As well as bridging the consumer digital divide and connecting the unconnected through the expansion of their 4G/LTE network and through cutting-edge technologies such as Loon.

Telkom consumer will focus on data, financial services, partnerships and digitization. Telkom digital will strengthen innovative approaches to create more value for customers by making use of extensive fibre network for pubic and private sector players to become smart entities by  way of technologies such as internet of things (IoTs,) Cloud, Big Data and Analytics. Telkom will also incubate its future cloud business with the aim of providing a carrier neutral experience.

There will be no loss of jobs as a result of this business restructuring and will focus on creating new career growth opportunities as a result of the structural evolution. Telkom will  be investing further in its people, with respect to skill development, to deliver their new strategic direction.

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