Kenya to get ICT for education showcase

Tech giants Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation have joined forces with KIE  to roll-out a state of the art technology innovation centre expected to advance the quality of education in Kenya.

They will be collaborating to establish the School Technology Innovation Centre in Nairobi – a model that has been promoted in other countries through the Microsoft Partners in Learning Program. The center will be dedicated to research on innovative emerging technology solutions and serve as a repository and showcase for best-known methods of teaching, learning and educational technology.

The centre is part of the Accelerating 21st Century Education (ACE) project launched two years ago in collaboration with the Ministry of Education which aims to improve the quality of primary and secondary education through the effective use of technology.  The ACE project has deployed Intel classmate PCs, teacher laptops, wireless infrastructure, educational content and teacher training to 23 schools in Kenya in the last month.

“ To encourage the sharing of knowledge related to tested best uses of technology in education, all of the key practices and methods learned from ACE will be captured in the School Technology Innovation Center that we have committed to establish’’, says Julie Clugage, Global Operations Manager for Intel’s Education Market Platforms Group

The center will serve as a hub where education leaders and teachers from the region can access the latest information on technology solutions that are proven to enhance innovative teaching and learning, thus improving the skills needed by students to thrive in the 21st-century.

Center visitors will also be able to view research on innovative educational technology solutions, witness technology demos, participate in trainings, and learn from best-practice models and outcomes. To demonstrate the benefits of technology in the classroom, the centre will feature 25 Intel classmate PCs and the latest software offerings from Microsoft. The classmate PC is an affordable, full-featured, compact and rugged student laptop designed to promote interactive and collaborative learning among students and teachers.

Under the ACE project, the aim was to create “one-to-one e-learning” - a model in which every student has access to a computer to help foster an environment where young people can develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.  

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