Kampala duo develops trendy social media app

By Omondi Julius Odera, Kampala, Uganda

As the craze for social media gets to the peak levels, it is breeding a new clique of app developers keen to serve the gaping holes manifested in the already existing apps. Mike Wagabwa is among those innovative apps that have carefully analyzed the existing flows of the social networking apps to create an app that serves users who were mainly left out from the other apps.

Codenamed Dovibe, Mike the co-founder of Vibe Labs have managed to launch their first app. Vibe Labs is a Kampala I.T startup geared towards enhancing the lives of tech-savvy people. DoVibe is an app that is essential to people who are specific about the flow of information running on their timeline in addition to privacy.  “The current social networking apps are clattered with so much information most of which is unnecessary to the user. The information is basically competing for the attention of the user with other millions of information on the timeline,” said Mike. According to him, although such apps are very good in news feeds and updates on current affairs, their flaw is that one risk missing out on important communication from specific dear friends.

This is the gap that Dovibe is aimed at filling. The app is specific on who is your connection because you only connect through mobile phone numbers in one’s phone book as is the case with WhatsApp. Since the app is centered on users being alerted or aware of what friends are doing. “The main aim is friends who are using Dovibe to have real time knowledge with what is happening to their friends and telling the world or other users what they are doing,” explained Mike. The app is interactive and has both options of privacy and public updates and inquiries. The wheel shaped interface is the one that has users of the app which are updated in order of the most recent ones to update their statuses. The wheel loads 9 users at a time.

The app which was developed from Mike’s crude idea of having an app monitoring Kampala’s night life has witnessed more improvement to the current level. “My colleague who is the founder of Vibe Labs immensely improved on my initial idea to have a more global appealing,” noted Mike. After six months of panel beating, the app was finally launched and uploaded on Google play store on 12th November 2014.  The app has witnessed about 200 installations with most of them coming from Uganda.  On the current low level of installations, Mike is upbeat that the situation will soon change with their official January launch.


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