Jasco introduces carrier solutions to the East African market

Jasco has announced the introduction of their Carrier Solutions offering into the East African market, rolling out from their office in Kenya which opened in April 2015. This expansion ties in with East Arica’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 broadband strategy, which aims to provide broadband services and fibre capacity to the region.

Jasco Carrier Solutions, a division within the Jasco Group that forms a critical part of their service portfolio in South Africa, provides full turnkey solutions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunication operators, including equipment and services related to transmission, access and core networks. Equipment and the support thereof range from wireless systems such as WiFi, 4G, 5G, small cell and microwave solutions, to wired line services such as fibre, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and broadband.

“Africa is becoming more fibre oriented and much of East Africa is behind in terms of fibre deployments, despite the fact that several undersea fibre cable operators terminate into countries such as Kenya,” says Martin Ferreira, Executive Head: Jasco Carrier Solutions. “There is a general move in the East African region towards improving their broadband footprint and extending these fast fibre capacities inland. Our carrier solutions are geared towards enabling this growth.”

Operating out of Kenya, Jasco Carrier Solutions will be focusing on offering DWDM fibre optic solutions as well as Outside Plant (OSP) products. The latter includes distribution boxes, fibre tails, connectors and other accoutrements that are required when deploying a fibre network. There will also be a strong focus on technologies such as software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV), which will further support connectivity in East African countries.

Ferreira explains, “East Africa is geared to leapfrog the rest of the world with the implementation of new technologies as they roll out their connectivity. Due to bandwidth landing on their shores, their broadband services should be fast and effective – they just need a way to distribute it to businesses and residential areas further inland.”

NFV is a network architecture concept that uses IT virtualisation to create virtual building blocks that are easily connected to create end-to-end communication services. Coupled with SDN (software that runs on top of a customers’ existing services and premises and requires less storage space and hardware), these technologies will allow East African countries to implement connectivity solutions simpler, faster and more cost effectively.

To enable East Africa to make the leap from today’s disconnected landscape to tomorrow’s fast broadband delivery capability, Jasco’s expansion of carrier services to East Africa will also address the local skills shortages and create a base for supporting infrastructure locally.

“We will have an in-country Jasco Carrier Solutions sales person, however, we will also be investing in the country by employing local sales people in the Kenyan office. In addition, we will leverage partnerships with local technology companies in Kenya to deliver services and build on the skills currently located within East Africa, ensuring that the competencies for implementing and maintaining East Africa’s broadband network remain within their borders,” adds Ferreira.

Jasco Country Manager for Kenya, Danny Ross, will head this business unit with Martin Ferreira providing support from South Africa.

“Our business in East Africa is growing, and adding carrier services to our local portfolio there can only further this growth, while lending itself to creating core competencies, technology expansion and business opportunities for Kenya. We will also be looking to win new business and grow our base. Continued support from South Africa will enable this, while having a local team on the ground will enable us to deploy quickly and cost effectively, adding further benefits to our customers and continuing our tradition of delivering excellent customer service,” Ross concludes.


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