ITU: ICT could help women

In a statement issued to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, the ITU notes that ICTs can empower women.

The statement, by ITU Secretary General Hamadoun I. Touré, says violence against women is a social scourge that knows no cultural, economic or geographical boundaries.

He says: “It is a tragic fact that some 70% of women globally will be the victims of some kind of violence during their lifetimes. Violence takes many forms – from physical harm to verbal and psychological abuse, to punitive economic actions designed to distress and deprive.

In today’s enlightened modern world, we should and must adopt a zero tolerance policy. As ever, technology is part of the mix – for good and for  bad. Simple technologies like mobile phones, social networks and digital cameras can help protect women by providing vital communications links, ways of sharing, supporting and informing other women and their loved ones, and the means of documenting the actions of those who engage in threatening or violent behavior.  The fear of being photographed, recorded or filmed is sometimes enough to serve as a disincentive to violent language or actions. When it is not, an electronic record of such behaviour can help women seek justice and redress.”

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