Israeli firm CyGov selected to establish Zambian National Cybersecurity Agency

CyGov, an Israeli cybersecurity company offering world-class expertise and strategic advice to governments across the globe, has been selected to advise on the design of Zambia’s first National Cybersecurity Agency.

Following a competitive tender process, CyGov was chosen to construct an action plan for establishing an effective and sustainable National Cybersecurity Agency in Zambia. The project is funded by the World Bank, which is committed to strengthening Zambia’s cybersecurity and building the country’s long-term resilience to digital threats. It is also hoped that the initiative will help boost Zambia’s digital economy as one of the foremost in Africa.

CyGov is the only company wholly focused on answering the cyber security needs of governments and government entities. It helps them to develop a comprehensive, holistic cyber security model to protect their citizens, critical infrastructure, public services and ability to govern.

Cyber-attacks pose an increasing global threat. The recent ‘WannaCry’ worldwide ransomware attack breached networks and systems across 150 countries. According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), cybercrime in Zambia has increased by 23% in the last two years.

CyGov is the first company to tackle these trends by merging cutting-edge Israeli innovation with forward thinking on national cyber strategic know-how. CyGov’s team members have worked at the very highest levels of Israel’s national Cybersecurity, spearheading the development of Israel’s National Cyber Agency, the first of its kind in the world.

Yair Solow, CyGov’s CEO commented “The World Bank has recognized that Israel is a best practice country in Cybersecurity, and that developing country governments are asking to learn from Israel’s experiences. The war against cyber threats goes well beyond borders, impacting countries across the globe, and collaboration among countries is key to combatting it.

“We are proud to play an integral role in this effort, by helping Zambia think about and design the right cyber agency to address the ever changing landscape of cyber threats and attacks.”

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