Investing in Data Centers in Africa key to minimizing digital divide

Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Communications, Vincent Sowah Odotei has revealed that one of the key ways to minimize significantly further divide between the developed and developing world digitally, is for the African continent to invest heavily in data centers.

The deputy minister believes that having its own data centers dotted across the continent, Africa will be in a better position to generate, store, manage and analyze its own data.

Speaking at the just ended Datacloud Africa Leadership Summit 2019 held in Accra, Mr. Odotei maintained that with the current increase in the demand for high speed connectivity, data will be the currency for efficiency service delivery for citizens and clients.

According to him “to benefit fully from our own internally generated data as developing countries, we must also invest in country data centers, sub region data centers and continental wide data centers.” 

He said data centers located in Africa will therefore significantly improve the speed of the cloud capability.

Acknowledging the need for African governments to demonstrate high political will and commitment in that regard, the deputy communications minister called on the Africa private sector also rise up to the occasion as it stand in partnership with their governments to make the provision of data centers in the home countries a reality.

“African government will also require partnership from the private sector to compliment efforts been made by every country,” he admitted.

This year’s Datacloud Africa drew together stakeholders investing, powering, connecting, and deploying data centers across the continent. Through a series of case studies, market analysis and panel discussions the conference highlights the opportunities and challenges for Africa’s digital economies and the infrastructure required to support this. The summit hosts leading speakers from across the continent and in 2018 attracted delegates from nearly 50 countries.

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