Intel, Orange Uganda partner on broadband

Intel Corporation is deploying a new sales model with regional telecommunication companies to reach more buyers in developing markets through high speed broadband and affordable PCs – as part of the efforts to bridge the widening gaps in high speed internet access and broadband connectivity and boost the region’s information hub credentials.

In line with the initiative, Intel has partnered with Orange Uganda to have a range of affordable PCs and high broadband speeds that will be sold at conveniently located Orange retail outlets.

Intel says the partnership presents it with huge growth opportunities in computing, while for Orange, it will enable the company reach out to new users and increase subscriptions. The benefits to Uganda include helping increase GDP, Digital literacy and ICT integration into education.

Intel wants to replicate the new strategy that is based on the prepaid model that has fuelled growth in worldwide sales of mobile phones. The model makes broadband and PCs more desirable and affordable and increases the reach to first-time buyers who will pay for only as much service as they can afford at the time of purchase.

Intel Vice-President for World Ahead Program – John Davies says mobility, affordable yet high speed broadband access is a key consideration for consumers hence they now expect new and affordable devices that would ensure they stay connected.

“Providing technology access and IT skills is a cornerstone for future innovation, economic growth and individual progress in the competitive marketplace. Nations must equip their citizens with these critical skills in order to realize their potential in today’s knowledge economy’’, says Davies.

Philippe Luxcey, CEO of Orange Uganda, said: “Within 3 years Orange has been able to transform the internet landscape in Uganda by availing world-class internet experience to its customers. The partnership with Intel is yet another building block to Orange’s mission to empower Ugandans to embrace the digital revolution”

Intel views Uganda and other developing economies as the key markets where huge growth opportunities in computing will come from in the next few years. This stems from the fast growing usage of technology in these markets as well as a largely untapped market in both businesses and individuals.

Quality broadband connections are fast becoming the business and economic enablers that make possible business and customer service opportunities previously too difficult to coordinate, Intel notes.

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