InnJoo introduces latest fingerprint smartphone in Lagos

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

InnJoo has unveiled its latest smartphones, Innjoo2, Max 2, Max 2 plus and a smart television, Inn TV4. It has also introduced the fingerprint technology, which is one of the unique features of its new flagship smartphone; Innjoo2.

According to InnJoo’s Managing Director, Robert Liang, the multiple launches will meet the high demands of customers for exceptional technology and cost effectives products especially for the yuletide season. He noted that the new smart television is an attempt to explore the likely opportunity in the TV market space.

He said InnJoo 2 is equipped with the latest fingerprint technology which enhances photo taking and offers higher security in terms of accessibility to mobile applications and documents. Adding that with the dual 13 megapixels cameras, sleek designs, powerful octa-core processor and Android Lollipop operating system, users can now have a better picture, video and internet experience.

Corroborating this, InnJoo’s Co-founder and CEO, Tim Chen said, “We at InnJoo are dedicated to bringing the new technology to the market, with an affordable price and premium quality that the market is chasing. We think as a normal user when we design our products, define new functions and apply new technology to our devices. And as we see the increasing demands for privacy and security for every personal product, the fingerprint technology helps to satisfy it completely”.

While commenting on the Max2 and Max 2 plus smartphones, Robert noted that the smartphones comes with a durable 4000mAh and 4600mAh battery capacity which allows users to utilize their devices for longer durations. He said another unique feature of the Max 2 plus is the “HotKnot”, a feature which enables content transfer between phones by mere physical contact.

Speaking on the InnTV 4, Chen said, “Lifestyle products are the trend of the market, and more lifestyle products will pop up to the market to make life easier. That’s what technologies should bring to us. We are excited to launch the latest innovation, the InnTV, which is probably the best smart TV at the most affordable price in the market. Its features and functionality provides users with great experience”.

Roberts added, “the InnTV 4 comes with 39inch FHD display which gives splendid quality of display to viewers. The smart TV runs on Android 4.4 smoothly with the quad-core processor. And with the built-in Wifi Module, users can access the internet to enjoy online news, facebook chats and the social media in general”.

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