India STEM Alliance partners with TechGen Africa to help bridge STEM gap

The India STEM Alliance has announced that it has collaborated with Tech Gen for its first strategic partner in Africa.

The India STEM Alliance was founded to inspire young people’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The strategic partnership announcement represents a larger commitment by India STEM Alliance to TechGen.

TechGen Africa, founded by Sodiq Ade Balogun and based out of Nigeria, is a platform to grooming world class tech innovators. TechGen has trained almost 4000 students on STEM related skills and also organized the first blockchain training for teens in Nigeria and second to Kenya in Africa.

“By sharing our knowledge and resources with TechGen, the India STEM Alliance is not only investing in the future of STEM but building relationships between students and mentors,” said Mr. Raj Kapoor, the Co Founder of India STEM Alliance. “It’s so important to give our time to mentor these young people. As a Strategic Partner of TechGen, ISA is continuing to grow its support of TechGen students and educating and inspiring the next generation of talent.”

The demand for STEM-educated employees continues to rise in developing countries, and in the future the need will outpace the number of prepared candidates if left unaddressed. ISA’s partnership with Tech Gen is a critical component of its larger effort to close the STEM skills gap.

The India STEM Alliance and TechGen will collaborate in capacity building, setting up centres of innovations in schools and in the community. The strategic partnership will take the lead in creating frameworks and advise schools on best practices, consult them on STEM strategies, curates solutions and project manages to ensure measurable learning outcomes have been achieved.


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