IDG: Africa catching up on tablet uptake

New IDG research has found that the number of African professionals using tablet PCs is lower than the global average, but Africa is fast catching up.

IDG research of over 3100 IT and business professionals around the world found that only 55% of African respondents surveyed own a tablet device compared to a global average of 71%. This is the lowest level of any continent in the world and compares to 66% of Asians and 69% from the Middle East.

These African tablet users also demonstrate the lowest percentage with iPads (46%) and the joint highest number of Android owners (49%) with Asia.

However, those who have them, use them. 80% of the African professionals surveyed use their tablet daily for work, compared to a global average of 61%. 95% use it daily for personal use compared to a global average of 87%. 46% of Africans polled who don’t own a tablet say they intend to invest in one within the next three months. This is the highest percentage anywhere else in the world and compares to a global average of 31%.

When asked which features they regarded to be most important when selecting a device Africans came out stronger on ‘brand reputation’, ‘appearance’ and ‘price’ than any other continent in the world. 

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