ICT CS launches free Internet for Schools programme in Machakos County

Kenya’s ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has lauded Airtel for its commitment to support e-learning in Schools by providing free internet connections to schools in Kenya through the company’s Free Internet for Schools programme.    

The Information Cabinet Secretary was speaking at Machakos Boys High School in Machakos County, Kenya where he launched the programme to connect 23 schools to the free internet. The launch event was also attended by Principal Secretaries Eng. Victor Kyalo (ICT & Innovation) and Sammy Itemere (Broadcasting & Telecommunications), Machakos County ICT Minister Hellen Kiilu among other top government and education officials from the County. 

Speaking during the launch, the Cabinet Secretary said access to the Internet is very important in the current education system as it gives students access to unlimited amount of information available online.

“I am very pleased to be launching this programme in Machakos County. I would also like to appreciate the fact that Airtel is making tremendous contributions in the integration of ICT in the Education sector in Kenya through this programme. In our times, we did not get to use Internet when we were schooling. As the world continues to change, more and more schools all over the world are turning to the Internet for learning resources. This is what Airtel’s Free Internet for Schools programme is giving our own students here in Kenya. With this privilege, I want to urge students to continue using the free connectivity constructively in order to be successful in their education,” said Mucheru. 

The 23 schools connected this week in Machakos County join another 167 institutions and 250,000 students in 31 Counties across Kenya as beneficiaries of the Airtel FREE Internet for Schools programme.  The programme is intended to reach 1million students in all Counties across the country by the end of 2016. 

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi explained to the Cabinet Secretary that the company is committed to the programme that it launched in 2014 as it seeks to ensure that more and more students are able to leverage on educational information that the internet provides.   

Adil said, “The high speed Internet connectivity that we continue to provide through our Airtel Free Internet for Schools programme guarantees students limitless new educational opportunities. We strongly believe that through our programme, we are giving learners the freedom to connect to the world of information, helping them to learn better and open up a new world of opportunities for their future.” 

The Airtel CEO told the Cabinet Secretary that Airtel remains committed to the development of Information Technology in Kenya and empowerment of the Kenyan youth with knowledge and skill required to achieve their potential and thrive in this global age.

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